Port Management Week 2022

The UNCTAD TRAINFORTRADE Port Management Week 2022 took place between 10–13 May in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. In total ninety-three (93) representatives of forty-one (41) institutions from twenty-three (23) countries of the TRAINFORTRADE Port Management Programme attended the conference. The event was conducted in English, French and Spanish.
Delegates, including thirteen (13) CEOs of ports, took part in a series of port events to exchange on best practices and lessons learned in the three linguistic networks. During the global coordination meeting held on the third day, recommendations were adopted by the members of the TRAINFORTRADE Port Management Programme. The delegates praised UNCTAD for the relevance and impact of its TRAINFORTRADE capacity building programme in the various beneficiary port communities.
The delegates reaffirmed their annual financial support towards the activities of TRAINFORTRADE through its dedicated Trust Funds with contributions from the beneficiary members on the cost sharing principle and support from donors and port partners.

Port Management Week 10–13 May 2022 – Final report 3
Pursuant to the UNCTAD 15 Bridgetown Covenant (From Inequality and Vulnerability to prosperity for All), the delegates requested that the UNCTAD TRAINFORTRADE programme be provided with the necessary internal and external resources to extend its capacity building activities towards the mandate, and covering in particular Trade Statistics and digital economy bridging the digital divide securing trade flows; building resilience to achieve sustainable development and mitigating climate change; and supporting economic empowerment of women.
The Port Management Week 2022 was hosted by the Port Authority of Las Palmas and the City of Las Palmas.

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