E-commerce for practitioners


Evaluate the demands created by the emergence of electronic commerce, and offer an overview of some of the major themes related to e-business: electronic government, e-administration, regulation, technology, finance, payments, logistics, marketing, sales and human resources.


  • Electronic commerce and e-business fundamentals
  • Payments methods
  • e-Gouvernment
  • Logistic
  • Regulatory framework
  • Marketing
  • ICT tools
  • The way forward


Each module of the training includes interactive assessments and links to online tools. Each module consists of presentations with video and links to the legal texts being discussed. Each module has a final test of 5–7 questions.

Target Population

  • Ministry in charge of e‐commerce, Telecommunication/ICT, Trade, Revenue/
    Tax/Finance authorities,
  • Business wo/men and e‐Marketers involved in eCommerce from the private sector for
  • NGOs, banks and service provider who want to improve or to develop their business in
    the e‐commerce
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