Legal aspects of e-commerce


The objective of this training is to prepare lawmakers and government officials in all aspects to be considered for the drafting of e-commerce laws.


Each module of the training includes interactive assessments and links to online tools. Each module consists of presentations with video and links to the legal texts being discussed. Each module has a final test of 5–7 questions.

The 8 distance learning modules are:

  • Regulating e–commerce
  • The legal validity of online communications
  • Consumer protection
  • Protecting intellectual property assets
  • Content regulation
  • Taxing e–commerce
  • Privacy online
  • Securing e–commerce

Target groups

  • Policy makers in charge of defining general policy guidelines and elaborating national legal frameworks for e–commerce
  • Lawyers involved in e-commerce issues
  • Service providers offering on–line products and services

Legal Aspects of e-commerce – November / December 2023 videos

Case study: E-Commerce in Cabo Verde  Strategies and Regulation (Jónica Brito Tavares & António de Jesus Lopes Teixeira, Cabo Verde)

Case Study: An Examination into e-Commerce Legislation in Antigua and Barbuda (Susan Jarvis, Antigua)

Case study: Human Rights Issues in Haiti Related to Legal Aspect of e-Commerce (Réserme Leger, Haiti)
Case study: Central Bank Digital Currencies :
A Caribbean Perspective (Matthew Cowen,

Is it e-Legal? E-Commerce & Jurisdictional Issues in Australia (Courtney Tillman, Australia)

Policy Recommendations (Professor Dan Jerker B. Svantesson, Bond University, Australia)

Legal Aspects of E-Commerce for SIDS (LAEC) Report 2023

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