Practices on e-commerce: TrainForTrade case studies in South-East Asia

This report explores in its first chapter a history of the project. The second chapter gives an overview of the e-commerce situation in the region. The third chapter presents the selection of eight case studies prepared by the project’s participants, covering e-government, e-payment, transportation and logistics, marketplaces and digital marketing. These case studies provide succinct examples of good practices as well as policy recommendations for further development of e-commerce. The fourth chapter concludes the publication with a list of recommendations.
Participants in this project highlighted that the classic policy issues are still to be addressed.

Towards e-commerce legal harmonization in the Caribbean

The establishment of adequate legal frameworks can facilitate the transition to a digital economy and the take-up of e-commerce in-country but also regionally and internationally by reducing uncertainties, enhancing trust and addressing potential harms.

E-learning: Leapfrogging Skills Development

Trade capacity building is a critical element in the development debate as more attention must be paid to the integrated treatment of trade, finance, investment and technology, the interdependence between different policy areas, including macroeconomic management.

Innovation Knowledge for Inclusive and Sustainable Development:Transferring Knowledge through Technology

Established in 2001, the UNCTAD Advisory Group on the Strengthening of Training Capacities and Human Resources Development in its 10th session focused on identifying best practices and emerging solutions…

9th Meeting of the UNCTAD Advisory Group

9th Meeting of the UNCTAD Advisory Group on : “Developing skills, knowledge a nd capacities through innovation: E – Learning , M – Learning, C loud – Learning “


Mapeamento da Situaçao do Turismo na Republica de Angola(UNCTAD/DTL/KSTCD/2011/1). (Available in protuguese)

Central America

Study on prospects for harmonizing cyberlegislation in Central America and the Caribbean (UNCTAD/DTL/STICT/2009/3)


National Study: The Legal Framework of Private Investments in the Republic of Angola (UNCTAD/DTL/KSTCD/2010/1). (Available in portuguese)

Latin America

Study on prospects for harmonizing cyberlegislation in Latin America (UNCTAD/DTL/STICT/2009/1)