Training opens new horizons for women in ports

Port industry is a male-dominated branch. According to the data of TRAINFORTRADE’s (TFT) Port Performance Scorecard the global female participation rate in the ports is 18%.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 5 focuses on gender equality and ensuring women’s participation and leadership in decision-making.

Training has proved to be a practical way in broadening women’s career opportunities in port communities.SDG 5 is one important element of TFT’s Port Management Programme. The programme advocates gender equality and women’s empowerment by encouraging women to participate in its trainings. Last year 35% of the 1760 participants of the programme were women.

In the main image Margaret Aidoo Quarcoopome, Rabiah Nadir, Jacqueline Paredes, July Mercedes Alcántara Jiménez and Florence Hagan visiting the port of Las Palmas during TRAINFORTRADE’s Port Management Week on 10–13 May 2022.

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