Trade Statistics

The TRAINFORTRADE programme in collaboration with UNCTAD/STAT (SDG Pulse) works on the subject of trade statistics with the two topics addressing :

Statistics on International Trade in Services

The main objectives of the course are to raise awareness of Trade in Services’ Statistics and its concepts, enhance statisticians’ ability to do their work, and to help them better understand the manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (MSITS 2010).

This training is targeted to compilers and producers of data, as well as for data users.

International Merchandise Trade Statistics

The objective of this e-learning course on IMTS is to provide more easily accessible and rather complete training material for those involved in the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of IMTS.

The main goals are to enhance statisticians ability to apply the most recent internationally agreed recommendations on IMTS, define best possible data sources, set up adequate collection systems, and enhance statistics compilation processes. Furthermore, the course would communicate the importance of quality, metadata, timely dissemination, and links to economic analysis and national policy objectives. The training would guide trainees on how to better use the internationally available guidance, especially the IMTS Concepts and Definitions 2010 and the related Compilers Manual.

This training is targeted to trade data compilers, trade negotiators, trade statisticians and trade analysts / economists.

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