Tourism for Benin (2008-2010)

Benin – Sustainable Tourism for Development

Benin – Sustainable Tourism for Development


The project was launched in 2008 for an initial period of 18 months and aimed to provide three regions in Benin with the strategic tools to promote the development of sustainable tourism in their respective regions. The International Trade Centre (ITC) and UNCTAD had a joint responsibility for the project’s technical cooperation activities, and UNCTAD was in charge of the capacity building activities.

During the course of the project UNCTAD implemented activities to develop local knowledge and capacities in the field of sustainable tourism.


Four activities were conducted:

  • Organisation of a validation seminar where project activities were planned
  • Facilitation of networking amongst international and local actors, promoting innovative partnerships
  • Organisation of a national capacity building seminar
  • Arrangement of a study tour to Senegal for two tourism stakeholders (one participant from the selected regions and one from the Ministry of Tourism)

Impact and results

  • 23 government officials and managers from the private sector and from non-governmental organizations were trained on sustainable tourism issues, and are able to develop projects on tourism, following the principles of sustainable development
  • The methodological capacity to appropriately plan projects related to sustainable tourism in Benin was improved. This capacity was developed through the planning meeting / validation seminar (March 2009), the study tour (March 2010) and the active involvement of national counterparts in the organization of all activities
  • Proposals for sustainable tourism projects were developed and presented for technical and financial partners, as a result of this project
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