Cambodia & Laos PDR (2003-2011)

Strengthening Training and Capacities for Multilateral Trade Negotiations

Strengthening Training and Capacities for Multilateral Trade Negotiations


The TRAINFORTRADE project in Cambodia and Laos on Strengthening Training and Capacities for Multilateral Trade Negotiations in the Field of International Trade was launched in 2003 in Laos and in 2004 in Cambodia. The project aimed to develop the capacity of Cambodian and Laotian officials, as well representatives from the private sector and academia, on trade-related issues. The project had its last activities in 2011.

Through the course of the project, different training courses and activities were implemented, institutional frameworks for trade related issues at national and international level were supported, and trade and investment policies for a dynamic, equitable and sustainable development were prompted. National steering committees were created in each country and reported to a regional steering committee.

TRAINFORTRADE activities for
Sustainable tourism


The TRAINFORTRADE Programme organised distance-learning courses, face-to-face training courses and regional workshops. During the project more than 1150 government officials and managers from the private sector and from non-governmental organisations were trained in Cambodia and Laos on various subjects related to international economic agenda, including the following courses:

  • Port Training Programme
  • Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce
  • Negotiation of International Investment Agreements
  • Investment Promotion
  • The Formulation of Competition Law and Policy
  • Sustainable Tourism for Development

Many courses where translated into local languages (Khmer and Lao) in order to reach trade operators who do not speak English or French. Participants from the courses were later educated to be co-trainers and trainers, in order to develop local training capacity. 30 trainers in Cambodia and 19 in Laos were trained to disseminate, distribute and co-lead seminars and thematic teaching using face-to-face and distance learning methods.

UNCTAD TRAINFORTRADE collaborated closely with the Royal School of Administration in Cambodia, and the Institute for Economic Research on Trade in Laos.

A TRAINFORTRADE Technical Advisor was stationed in the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce, and a French-funded TRAINFORTRADE Associate Expert was based at the Lao Ministry of Commerce. They were based in the field in order for facilitate the TRAINFORTRADE activities in the two countries.

The project was funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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