UNCTAD TRAINFORTRADE E-learning Course on “E-commerce for Practitioners”


ECOWAS countries (24 March– 25 April 2014)

UNCTAD through its TRAINFORTRADE programme launched the TRAINFORTRADE Project in West Africa beginning 2013, to strengthen capacities in the area of e-Commerce. As part of this project, TRAINFORTRADE will run a distance-learning course on E-Commerce for Practitioners, in English and French, from 24 March – 25 April 2014. ECOWAS countries have been invited to participate in the course and around 150 participants have already registered. The training course is designed for policy and law makers involved in the business aspect of eCommerce and will be followed by face-to-face courses in May and July 2014. UNCTAD TRAINFORTRADE’s Project in West Africa is funded by the United Nations.


Development Account. More details on the project

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