Philippines: Delivery of “Future Challenges of the Port” of the TFT Modern Port Management, 14-20 February 2015

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the context of the UNCTAD Port Training Programme in the Philippines, an expert from Dublin Port Company will be travelling to Manila to deliver Module 4 jointly with local instructors. This Module deals with “Future Challenges of The Port”.

The Philippines is the latest member of the English-speaking network of the Programme. 19 local instructors were prepared for their roles as future instructors in Manila in November 2013 in the framework of a Coaching Workshop. Following this pedagogical training, 13 senior managers from the Philippine port community were then trained on the contents of Module 1-4 in a Training of Trainers workshop hosted by Dublin Port Company in April 2014.

The course was launched in Manila in May 2014 and will be delivered over the period of two years in collaboration with Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) andCebu Port Authority (CPA), as well as the private operators Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI), International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTS), Manila North Harbour Port Inc., and Prudential Customs Brokerage Services Inc.

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