Building Port Resilience Against Pandemics – TrainForTrade

From 19 February to 13 March 2024

2 weeks asynchronous moderated online course
2 self-paced simulations exercises (30-45 minutes, week 3)
1 webinar (90 minutes, week 4)


The objective of UNCTAD TRAINFORTRADE’s Building Port Resilience Against Pandemics (BPR) special course is to support the implementation of measures and to prepare for and alleviate contingencies related to a pandemic in a port, port terminals, and other seaport actors. 

More specifically, at the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe and prepare crisis protocols 
  • Prepare communication strategies and implement effective digital communication tools 
  • Appreciate the potential impacts of pandemics on staff well-being and address any mental and emotional distress-related issues 
  • Identify appropriate technology solutions for alternative work arrangements  
  • Assess disruption scenarios for cargoes and passengers 
  • Identify legal and financial risks 
  • Define appropriate mitigation measures 

Target groups

This special course is addressed to all actors involved in international trade, especially those involved with port operations. The course primary and secondary target population are representatives from the following organisations:  

Primary target:  

  • Port authorities (those include middle and senior managers)  
  • Private port management companies  
  • Port community operators (those include freight forwards, hauliers, customs agents, ship agents) 
  • Port agents (those include pilots, harbour masters) 
  • Line ministries staff: Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce  

Secondary target:  

  • Trade facilitation committees  
  • Port safety and security officers  
  • Trade unions  
  • Stevedores  
  • Local authorities  


Course candidates are kindly asked to register themselves at their earliest convenience and by no later than 16 February 2024 on the TRAINFORTRADE registration platform ( Passcode: BPR2024EN

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