“This course helped me understand conceptual frameworks, institutional arrangements, compilation and methodology of collecting data, and how to systematically disseminate information,” said Durairaj Kumarasamy from India.

Arina Tinkova from Russia said: “The course helped me understand the processes behind the export and import values that we see in our databases.”

Ines Maria Silva Correia from Curaçao said: “I got detailed information on how to compile trade statistics and the rules to consider, such as privacy and legal issues. It was also interesting to learn how other countries produce good quality figures.”

Cynthia Aryshandy from Indonesia said: “This training provided an excellent platform to better understand IMTS and compare the practices of developing and developed nations. The participation of many countries also facilitated information exchange.”

Serrah Maria Acquita Mulipola from Samoa said: “The course contributed immensely to my knowledge and understanding of trade statistics and the importance of metadata. One challenge that we currently face in our country is limited access to information, particularly trade statistics. However, I now understand that agencies such as the customs office and the central bank always have trade statistics available at any time.”

Blended learning course on International Merchandise Trade Statistics 2021

The following summarizes selected comments from the golden book 2019:
«Valuable experience, very related to my work. Many thanks to everyone who share in this course.»
«It was terrific! I have learned a lot. In a comprehensive point of view the face to face activity was very interesting and useful.»
«The scope of the course is comprehensive and broad, and related to my work areas. All speakers have very deep knowledge on the topics discussed. Participants were actively participating by raising questions and comments. Overall, a very good training experience. We will be further studying about the nowcast methodology and consider its possible uses during our compilations; study on the possibility on disaggregating future data according to the EBOPS classification.»

Blended learning course on Trade in Services Statistics 2019

Gracias al equipo por sus esfuerzos, hicieron un gran trabajo en el desarrollo de este curso que me ayudó a mejorar mis conocimientos sobre el comercio de servicios y la importancia que en mi país de desarrollar mecanismos de Inter-institucionales y el marco legal para compilar información útil y difundirla.


Continuar ofreciendo otros cursos en línea de este tipo, que fomenten un intercambio transversal de participantes con variada experiencia para compartir sus experiencias e intercambios de diálogo.


Este curso me ha proporcionado una gran cantidad de información relevante. Puedo decir que uno de los aspectos más fuerte es la forma en que los módulos son difundidos y cómo se integran entre todos. Ahora que estoy mejor informado me ha ayudado con a mi desarrollo profesional como estadístico. Sí, de hecho voy a utilizar todos los conocimientos adquiridos a partir de este curso en el futuro como un estadístico. Ya he recomendado este curso a otros y continuaré haciéndolo. El conocimiento de esta carrera verdaderamente adquirida ha ayudado a comprender mejor las estadísticas.


«Thanks to the team for their effort, you did a really great job developing this course which helped me to improve my knowledge about trade in service and the importance that my country has to have to develop inter-institutional mechanism and legal framework to collect useful data and dissemination.»

«Continue hosting other online courses of this nature to encourage a cross-section of participants with varied expertise to share their experiences and dialogue exchanges.»

«This course provided me with a lot of relevant information. I can say that one of the strongest aspect of this course is the way the modules are laid out and how they flow into one another. Now that I am better informed it has aided with my development as a statistician. Yes, I will indeed use all the knowledge gained from this course in the future as a statistician. I have already recommended this course to others and will continue to do so. The knowledge gained from this course has truly helped me to understand statistics better.»

Blended learning course on International Merchandise Trade Statistics 2019(Regional Validation Workshop on IMTS 2018)