This section gathers the most common questions related to TrainForTrade projects around the world.

What is TrainForTrade?

TrainForTrade is UNCTAD’s leading programme for training and capacity-building in the fields of international trade and development.

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What is the TrainForTrade mission?

UNCTAD’s TrainForTrade programme mission is to strengthen knowledge and skills through innovative approaches for sustainable economic development.

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What kind of capacity-building activity does TrainForTrade deliver?

The UNCTAD TrainForTrade programme provides bespoke technical assistance and capacity-building to its beneficiary countries, in the fields of international trade and development. The programme combines distance learning with face-to-face training. This is a an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient method of delivering training that offers considerable flexibility, making it a pragmatic approach for today’s busy world.  Currently, TrainForTrade delivers training on the following subjects: e-Commerce; trade statistics; and port management. Currently, TrainForTrade delivers training on the following subjects: e-Commerce, trade statistics and port management.

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Who can benefit from TrainForTrade activities? Is it open to everyone?

Our activities are not open for the general public. We target government officials representatives from the private sector, local communities, national institutions and other relevant stakeholders from UNCTAD’s beneficiary countries.

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How can UNCTAD’s beneficiary countries join (or develop) TrainForTrade’s projects?

UNCTAD’s beneficiary countries can join (or develop) TrainForTrade’s projects by sending an official request and following four phases: (1) identifying and assessing needs; (2) Drafting the project document and strategy; (3) Spreading the Knowledge; and (4) Accompanying the change.

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