Delivery of PMP Module 1, Cycle 2 in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria (5 – 9 March 2018)

From 5 to 9 March, Mark Assaf, along with port experts from Dublin Port Company, and from Ghana, as well as senior managers from Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), will co-deliver Module 1 of Cycle 2 in Abuja. 26 managers from the port communities of Nigeria who are enrolled in the UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Management Programme will participate in the first of eight training modules.

Module 1 of the Modern Port Management Course, “International Trade and Maritime Transport” focuses on the important and strategic relationship of ports, shippers and shipping companies. It further examines the factors that condition port activities that are an integral part of international trade. Nigeria is currently undergoing the second cycle of the Port Management Programme.

Contacts:           Mark Assaf             Debbie Francisco

Training course on “Legal Aspects of E-Commerce”

Madagascar (19 – 23 February 2018)

Following the online training course on “Legal Aspects of E-Commerce” delivered in April/June 2017, a hands-on training with 60 magistrates, lawyers and policymakers is organized from 19 to 22 February by the UNCTAD e-Commerce and Law Reform programme and the TrainForTrade programme, of the Division on Technology and Logistics.

Strengthening the legal framework for e-commerce is important to build trust online and requires adequate understanding of relevant issues among all stakeholders.
This activity is part of capacity-building activities planned in Madagascar in support of the e-commerce laws adopted in 2014.

The training is co-organized with the World Bank, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Justice, and the Committee for e-Commerce Development of Madagascar.

On 23 February, a conference on E-Commerce is organized with the participation of the Minister of Commerce.

The training course is sponsored by the Government of Finland.

Contact: Dominique Chantrel, Cécile Barayre

UNCTAD Port Management Programme Coaching Workshop in Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia (5 – 8 February 2018)

TrainForTrade, in cooperation with Johor Port Berhad (JohorPort) local organising committee, will deliver a Coaching Workshop from 5 – 8 February 2018 in Johor. 20 middle managers (including 11 women) from the port communities of JohorPort, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I), will participate in the workshop.

The workshop will be delivered by Mark Assaf, along with port experts from Dublin Port Company (DPC) and Pelindo I.

The Coaching Workshop strengthens the trainers’ teaching skills and their ability to effectively transmit knowledge and engage workshop participants.

Malaysia is a new member of the Port Management Programme. Each training cycle lasts 16 to 24 months and comprises 240 hours of in-class training and a final thesis. The course deliveries are led by UNCTAD and international instructors (Irish port experts), as well as local senior managers who have completed the training-of-trainers workshop. This strategy highlights the uniqueness and strength of the TrainForTrade Port Management Programme in fostering local ownership to reinforce its impact and ensure sustainability. Local ownership of the programme is achieved through a financing scheme that requires the participating ports to provide the majority of the programme’s funds, and by gradually shifting responsibility for implementing the programme from UNCTAD to the participating ports.

Contacts:   Mark Assaf     Debbie Francisco


Soutenances Promo 11 Dakar – janvier 2018

Soutenances des mémoires de promotion 11 de la formation portuaire et lancement promotion 12 à Dakar

PAD.DAKARDix sept opérateurs portuaires (dont cinq femmes) du Port Autonome de Dakar (PAD) soutiendront leurs études de cas dans le cadre de la formation portuaire du programme TrainForTrade de la CNUCED, les 23 et 24 février 2016. La rédaction de cette étude a pour objectif de proposer des solutions concrètes et des recommandations afin de répondre à des problèmes de gestion de la place portuaire, identifiés par les stagiaires. Les soutenances de cette 10e promotion se dérouleront devant un jury d’experts issus des ports membres du réseau portuaire francophone TrainForTrade et de représentants de la CNUCED.

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