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Bolivian river port offers landlocked nation alternative route to sea

According to managers of the ports – all members of UNCTAD’s TrainForTrade Port Management Programme – the waterway offers an alternative route to the sea. “The hope, the opportunities that the Paraguay-Paraná waterway offers business owners and Bolivia’s economy are considerable,” Bismark Rosales, manager of Port Jennefer, says.


PMP – Delivery of Module 3, Cycle 1 in Johor

TrainForTrade, in cooperation  with  Johor  Port  Berhad  (JohorPort) local organising  committee, will deliver  Module 3 of the Modern Port Management Course from 26 -29 November 2018 in Johor. 23 middle managers (including 10 women) from the port communities of JohorPort who are enrolled in the UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Management Programme will participate in the course.

The module will be delivered by the Harbour Master of Belfast Harbour Commissioners, along with senior managers from JohorPort  who have been certified by TrainForTrade as local trainers.

The  third  of the  eight  training  modules  examines the  functions of a  port  system  and reviews commercial port operations, in particular the different functions or services offered to  the  main  port  users. Malaysia is currently undergoing the first cycle of the Port Management Programme.