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Port Management Week Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland (9 – 13 April 2018)

The UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Management Programme (PMP), with the support of Irish Aid and in cooperation with PMP port partners, will organize the Port Management Week from 9 to 13 April at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The event will commence with the Coordination Meeting of the Port Management Programme French-Speaking Network from 9 to 11 April and includes the following highlights from 11 to 13 April: the MoU Signing Ceremony with Irish Ports, the International Port Performance Scorecard (PPS4) Conference, and the Launching Ceremony of the Port Management Series Volume 5 (PMS5) Port Management Case Studies.

During the Coordination Meeting of the PMP French-speaking Network, each member port will present the results of the activities carried out in 2017 and the schedule of actions planned for 2018.

The MoU signing ceremony signifies the commitment of Irish Port Partners to the PMP English-Speaking Network in support of port communities in developing countries in quest for efficient and competitive port management.

The International Port Performance Scorecard (PPS4) Conference will give the opportunity to senior managers of the PMP Networks (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), to exchange on best practices in the area of strategic reforms for modern seaports towards greater competitiveness based on higher standards of performance. The conference will be of interest to those engaged in information collection and analysis for strategic management purposes.

Meanwhile, the Port Management Series Volume 5 (PMS5) Port Management Case Studies presents the top twelve dissertations from the 2015-2017 cycle of the English-speaking network of the TrainForTrade Port Management Programme. The publication focuses on the following subject matters: Social, Economic, Financial and Operational results of the research done by the participants from member countries: Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Over 60 participants from 20 countries, which includes CEOs and port experts, will be taking part in the Port Management Week.

Contacts:    Mark Assaf       Dominique Chantrel         Gonzalo Ayala

Séminaire de coaching formation pédagogique d’instructeurs, réseau portuaire francophone du programme TrainForTrade de la CNUCED

Dans le cadre des activités du programme de formation portuaire TrainForTrade, vingt-cinq cadres supérieurs des neufs ports membres du réseau francophone de gestion portuaire TrainForTrade de la CNUCED (Bénin, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinée, Haïti, Mauritanie, Sénégal et Togo) sont invités à participer à la formation de Coaching pour mettre à jour leurs connaissances sur la formation  dans le cadre des diffusion nationale du cours sur la “Gestion Moderne des Ports”. Cette formation devrait leur permettre de renforcer leur capacité à diffuser les modules concernés dans leur propre communauté portuaire.

Le cours sera dispensé par Claude Lishou, professeur à l’Université de Dakar, Alvaro Moreira, consultant CNUCED et Dominique Chantrel, expert CNUCED.

Delivery of PMP Modules 7 & 8, Cycle 4 in Indonesia

Malang, Indonesia (12 – 23 March 2018)

Port experts from the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), and an expert from Ireland, will co-deliver Modules 7 & 8 of Cycle 4 of the Port Management Programme (PMP) in Indonesia. 16 participants (including 2 women) from the port community of Pelindo I to IV are taking part in the Modern Port Management course. The said modules of the Modern Port Management Course, comprises topics on Administrative and Legal Management and Technical Management and Human Resources Development, respectively. Indonesia is currently on the 4th cycle of the programme.

Contacts:     Mark Assaf                Debbie Francisco

PMP Cycle 4 Dissertations in Ghana

Ghana (7 – 9 March 2018)

From 7 to 9 March, Mark Assaf and a port expert from Dublin Port Company, as well as senior managers from Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority (GPHA) will take part in the juries that will assess the case studies of 24 managers from the port communities of Ghana. The participants have successfully completed the 8 modules of the Modern Port Management Course. Those who pass their dissertations will receive UNCTAD’s Modern Port Management Certificate. Moreover, the top three best dissertations will have the opportunity to be  featured in the upcoming Port Management Series. Ghana is currently undertaking the fourth cycle of the Port Management Programme.

Contacts:        Mark Assaf            Debbie Francisco

Delivery of PMP Module 1, Cycle 2 in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria (5 – 9 March 2018)

From 5 to 9 March, Mark Assaf, along with port experts from Dublin Port Company, and from Ghana, as well as senior managers from Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), will co-deliver Module 1 of Cycle 2 in Abuja. 26 managers from the port communities of Nigeria who are enrolled in the UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Management Programme will participate in the first of eight training modules.

Module 1 of the Modern Port Management Course, “International Trade and Maritime Transport” focuses on the important and strategic relationship of ports, shippers and shipping companies. It further examines the factors that condition port activities that are an integral part of international trade. Nigeria is currently undergoing the second cycle of the Port Management Programme.

Contacts:           Mark Assaf             Debbie Francisco