Conférence de gestion portuaire, les 25 et 26 octobre 2023 à Valence, Espagne

La conférence est essentiellement en Anglais et Espagnole.

The objectives of this Port Management Conference are to build back better by:

  • Assessing the latest trends of the Port Performance Scorecard and statistics of the three TrainForTrade language-based networks.
  • Official launch Port Management Series – Volume 11 – on Port Performance Indicators
  • Discussing the challenges and trends in maritime, port and logistic industry
  • Addressing challenges of open innovation
  • Discussing the role of start-ups in innovation
  • Discussing the role of ports in innovation

Kindly note that the 1st edition of the World Port Entrepreneurship Congress is part of the Valencia Digital Summit.

The Port Management Scorecard Conference will be held on Wednesday October 25 at the Edificio del Reloj, Valencia, Spain

The World Port Entrepreunershop Congress will be held on Thursday October 26 at the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

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