More than 1200 participants from 157 countries or regions have started TRAINFORTRADE’s online course on Statistics of International Trade in Services (SITS). 44% of the participants are women. The biggest groups of participants come from Indonesia, Cameroon, China and India. The course and webinars are organised in English and in English and it will take place between 12 September – 28 October 2022.

The development of a sound statistical system is key to the implementation of evidence-based policies emergence of an open and unbiased dialogue between stakeholders and policy makers. As a consequence, it is an essential tool of both economic performance and social cohesion.

International trade in services are an increasingly important part of global commerce. With the growing importance of services generally, and trade in services in particular, policy makers, trade negotiators and economists are demanding better data availability, enhanced quality and improved international comparability.

The course on Trade in Services Statistics comes as a response to several demands for technical assistance in the compilation of trade in services statistics and addresses directly the aims of Goal 17 of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

This course has been developed and produced jointly by UNCTAD, World Trade Organization and United Nations Statistics Division.