In 2014, Hebe Toribia Obregón Chávez presented a case study that aimed to propose the amendment of the General Customs Act approved by Legislative Decree No. 1053, a legislation that governs all customs activities in Peru. The results of the investigation identified that Port Administrators and Port Terminals were not under any obligation, nor were they strictly considered as foreign trade operators.

This case study was carried out as the final requirement of UNCTAD’s TrainForTrade Modern Port Management course, after the completion of all eight modules of the programme. The study was implemented with the presentation of the legislative proposal to the competent Organizational Unit.

Subsequently, the legislation amending the General Customs Act was published in the official newspaper El Peruano, and established the obligations of port administrators and concessionaires. The new dispositions have allowed not only to secure the international trade supply chain, but also to adequately implement customs control and establish the customs authority in the Port Terminals, thus strengthening trade facilitation and improving cargo traceability.

Hebe has not only been certified by UNCTAD’s Port Management Programme but has also been trained as an instructor for the programme.

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