The e-learning course on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) will be delivered from 16 March to 24 April 2020. The main goals of this course are to enhance statisticians’ ability to apply the most recent internationally agreed recommendations on IMTS, define best possible data sources, set up adequate (or enforce existing) collection systems, and enhance statistics compilation processes. Furthermore, the course would communicate the importance of quality, metadata, timely dissemination, and links to economic analysis and national policy objectives.

The course has been developed and produced jointly by UNCTAD TrainForTrade Programme, UNCTADStat, the UN Statistics Division (UNSD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) in response to several demands for technical assistance in the collection, compilation and dissemination of IMTS.

From previous editions of the training in 2018 and 2019 a total of 918 (503 women) users, compilers and producers of data were certified and appraised the course with 83 per cent of overall satisfaction rate.

“The course was very interesting and useful for my job. It also helped me to understand better my job and the different ways in which other countries deal with their trade data” – Participant.

This year, around 950 participants, of which 508 are female, from 139 countries are registered for the online training. The participants will have the opportunity to learn with the various multimedia tools available in the TrainForTrade eLearning platform and interact in the online forums with peers and experts from the UN agencies.

This project is developed and finance in the framework of the Development Account Project 10.