Best Practices

Within this context, UNCTAD in cooperation with UNESCAP is planning to conduct the TrainForTrade blended learning course on eCommerce best practices from 12th April to 21 May 2021, with follow-up webinars organized during the week of 24 to 28 May. The objective of the course is to increase knowledge on e-commerce practices to address the challenges outlined in the roadmap, to translate into national policy the international best practices in e-commerce while adapting them to national and regional framework, and to build up SMEs expertise in the field of best practices for e-commerce and increasing their participation in the digital economy.


The registration is open to all relevant staff in your organisation. We particularly encourage the participation of women. Nominated officials can directly self-register at: then select “e-Commerce best practices” and use the access code: 2021ECBP. Please note that the registration deadline is 8 April 2021.