“Networking with other port managers gives me a good overview of current problems in port communities. These experts are always available to answer any questions I may have.”

“I started building my professional network from the time I participated in the first training-of-trainers session.”

“The cooperation in the port management network with UNCTAD is important to reboot our economies from the COVID-19 crisis in a sustainable and inclusive manner.”

Godwin AliniCEO, Office of Ports and Harbours of Gabon (OPRAG)
(TFT Port Management Programme)

Leapfrogging skills development in e-commerce in South-East Asia in the Framework of the 2030 Development Agenda

Some excerpts from the Golden Book are presented below:

“The workshop has been inspiring featuring several experienced experts offering some valuable insights. The shared use cases and insights about the digital identity are very relevant to my job in the area related to digital government initiatives.”

“This knowledge will be useful for me to build the similar principle in building systems and data practice within the corporation as well as public sector, e.g. building enterprise data governance as foundation to build enterprise analytics.”

“I loved the session on e-commerce especially since we handle trade and industry and we are currently promoting e-commerce and how MSMEs should go into it.”

“I like the various perspective and shared experience from the participants on the Digital identity and e-commerce. The input and feedbacks given also benefits others in implementing the digital identity framework at their countries.”

“The course really creates beautiful insights in terms of looking into different perspectives of different countries.”

“The collated insights from the use case studies and a series of discussions allowed me to appreciate the value of having well founded policies that induce harmony across the region.”

Hybrid Restitution Workshop (Jakarta December 2021)

“This course helped me understand conceptual frameworks, institutional arrangements, compilation and methodology of collecting data, and how to systematically disseminate information,” said Durairaj Kumarasamy from India.

Arina Tinkova from Russia said: “The course helped me understand the processes behind the export and import values that we see in our databases.”

Ines Maria Silva Correia from Curaçao said: “I got detailed information on how to compile trade statistics and the rules to consider, such as privacy and legal issues. It was also interesting to learn how other countries produce good quality figures.”

Cynthia Aryshandy from Indonesia said: “This training provided an excellent platform to better understand IMTS and compare the practices of developing and developed nations. The participation of many countries also facilitated information exchange.”

Serrah Maria Acquita Mulipola from Samoa said: “The course contributed immensely to my knowledge and understanding of trade statistics and the importance of metadata. One challenge that we currently face in our country is limited access to information, particularly trade statistics. However, I now understand that agencies such as the customs office and the central bank always have trade statistics available at any time.”

Blended learning course on International Merchandise Trade Statistics 2021

The following summarizes selected comments from the golden book 2019:
“Valuable experience, very related to my work. Many thanks to everyone who share in this course.”
“It was terrific! I have learned a lot. In a comprehensive point of view the face to face activity was very interesting and useful.”
“The scope of the course is comprehensive and broad, and related to my work areas. All speakers have very deep knowledge on the topics discussed. Participants were actively participating by raising questions and comments. Overall, a very good training experience. We will be further studying about the nowcast methodology and consider its possible uses during our compilations; study on the possibility on disaggregating future data according to the EBOPS classification.”

Blended learning course on Trade in Services Statistics 2019

“The country cases served as excellent examples of the efficiency of data compilation and dissemination and the various challenges to met. Participants seemed quite versed in their respective fields and imparted their knowledge well allowing for greater understanding of IMTS usage regionally.”

“The group assignment was interesting as participants shared their experiences with the trade e-learning program, its benefits and how it can be improved.”

“I have recommended the training to other persons and, will continue to do so. The course is comprehensive, the manuals are a good read.  The program is user-friendly.   The topics have good coverage and current information about IMTS”.

Blended learning course on International Merchandise Trade Statistics 2018(Regional Validation Workshop on IMTS 2018)

“On behalf of my colleagues and fellow Trainers in Modern Port Management, from Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, I would like to thank the Honorable Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General of UNCTAD for making available to us the 8 Wonders of Modern Port Management. To Mr. Sean Sherlock TD, Minister of State for Development, Trade Promotion & North-South Cooperation Program of Ireland, we are grateful for the benevolence of Irish Aid. To Mark and his staff, the job is not finished but thank you nevertheless. To the fine gentlemen and women of the Port of Cork Company, with the support of Dublin Port Company, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, and the UCC, thank you for sharing the DNA of your ports, your expertise and most of all your inspiring thoughts. Against the vastness and overwhelming complexity that characterize most advanced port systems in Europe and elsewhere, the simplicity and goodwill that we found in this part of the world is far beyond compare. As we embark on building centers of knowledge and excellence in our respective ports and networks, we remain confident that you will all continue to be with us to support us. Thank you.”

Hector E. MioleAssistant General Manager for Special Projects Philippine Ports Authority
(TFT Training of Trainers Workshop – Cork, Ireland (5-15 May 2015))

“This training is so important for us. We can discuss and share information with other participants from different ports and countries. I hope that this training will be implemented in our port wall.”

Arif Rusman Yulianto TanjungPriok Port Indonesia
(TFT Workshop for Technical Tutors – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 8-11 June 2010)

“The program is excellent and relevant to the developing nations. The participation of candidates from Maldives, Indonesia and Ghana enabled me to network and create an environment for future South-South interactions. Coming from an IT background, the use of an open-source platform (Moodle) for delivering this course has encouraged me to think and act in advising my CEO in adopting this platform since Tanzania ports has its own institution college (Bandari college) to train port and employees. UNCTAD’s support in conducting this course is very much appreciated and I will put what I have learned in practice.”

Mr. Daniel J. NdoriTanzania Port Authority Tanzania
(TFT Workshop for Technical Tutors – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 8-11 June 2010)

“The TrainForTrade program is a very good training activity. I have benefited substantially from the exposure. Obviously my skills in “IT” and general knowledge in Modern Port Management have improved. My gratitude to UNCTAD for organising this kind of training.”

Mr. Romeo T. BorteyTraining Manager GPHA, Takoradi Ghana
(TFT Workshop for Technical Tutors – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 8-11 June 2010)

“This a very interesting program. It would be better if you conduct this training for certain region and invite participants of that region. Anyway this program will benefit our country very much from the knowledge we gained. It will be very easy for us to conduct distance learning program in the field of port management or other. We have learned enough to conduct a training program between the remote locations of the Maldives.”

Mohamed HashimDirector Maldives Ports Limited Rep. of Maldives
(TFT Workshop for Technical Tutors – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 8-11 June 2010)