Leapfrogging skills development in e-commerce in South-East Asia in the Framework of the 2030 Development Agenda

Some excerpts from the Golden Book are presented below:

“The workshop has been inspiring featuring several experienced experts offering some valuable insights. The shared use cases and insights about the digital identity are very relevant to my job in the area related to digital government initiatives.”

“This knowledge will be useful for me to build the similar principle in building systems and data practice within the corporation as well as public sector, e.g. building enterprise data governance as foundation to build enterprise analytics.”

“I loved the session on e-commerce especially since we handle trade and industry and we are currently promoting e-commerce and how MSMEs should go into it.”

“I like the various perspective and shared experience from the participants on the Digital identity and e-commerce. The input and feedbacks given also benefits others in implementing the digital identity framework at their countries.”

“The course really creates beautiful insights in terms of looking into different perspectives of different countries.”

“The collated insights from the use case studies and a series of discussions allowed me to appreciate the value of having well founded policies that induce harmony across the region.”