Trade statistics capacity building beyond borders

Statistical Journal of the IAOS 37 (2021) 997–1007

DOI 10.3233/SJI-210854
IOS Press

Abstract. We report on five years of capacity building designed to improve the skills of producers and users of international trade statistics all over the world, with a particular focus on developing countries. This training programme is a joint activity
between UNCTAD, UNSD and WTO, based on an innovative (Blended Learning) approach, combining e-learning and face-to-face workshops. It is adapted to local needs, uses the pool of experts working at international organisations, and ensures continuous review and enhancement of the applied methods and tools. The results reviewed in this paper confirm that the program has reached the target population. Furthermore, it has global coverage and is gender-balanced. During the five years since the programme has begun, participation in the courses has increased considerably; success rates have risen from 72% to 79% and satisfaction rates from 77% to 88%. Plans for the future include delivering training in additional languages, increasing interactivity, and adding new components addressing specific training needs.

Keywords: Capacity building, training, international trade statistics

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