Digital Identity for Trade and Development

Digital Identity for Trade and Development


The global objective of this course is to identify and draft policies on digital identity related to trade and development. It includes defining:

-The limits of data protection and digital identity
-The scope of digital identity governance
-The risks and solutions related to digital identity


Each course module includes interactive assessments and links to communication tools for online interaction. Every module consists of video presentations, a participant manual, a forum, tests and case studies. Participants should spend between 4 to 5 hours per week to study the material and participate in the forums. The 5 distance learning modules are:

Module 1: Fundamental Concepts of Digital Identity
Module 2: Data Protection
Module 3: DI Usage
Module 4: Governance
Module 5: DI Technology Solutions & Risks

A 90-minute follow-up webinar will be organised at the end of the course. The topic will be defined during the assessment of the on-line sessions.

Target groups

Primary target

Policy makers:

Ministry of Interior (national security and identification issues)
Ministry of Justice (legal issues)
Ministry of Finance
Financial regulator (National Bank)
Ministry of Trade/Commerce (usability)
Ministry of ICT

Private sector:

Chamber of Commerce
Business Cluster (ICT, Fintech, etc.)

Secondary target population:

Authentication institution
Postal services
Financial institutions
Telecom companies

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