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This section provide information on TrainForTrade’s activities including news releases, evaluations, strategies, selected UNCTAD publications, video footage; photos; and other relevant resources.

TrainForTrade Port Management Programme
Bolivia “One of the greatest successes of the UNCTAD program was to bring us together – the government with the private sector – to unite efforts and have the same vision for our ports.”

Mr. Bismark Rosales, manager of Port Jennefer, Bolivia, 2018

Michael D. Higgins, Irish President “As an island nation, almost uniquely depending on international trade, we in Ireland know and value the importance of our ports, and all who work there. The UNCTAD TrainForTrade programme is vitally important in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Climate and I am so very proud that our ports here in Ireland and Irish Aid, have been participating with the English-speaking network. “

Mr. Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, 2018

“Irish Aid is pleased to have supported the English-speaking network of the Port Management Programme since its launch in 2007. We have seen first-hand the commitment of ports from across the island of Ireland who provide expert support; the port managers who have participated; and the UNCTAD personnel who run the Programme. The Programme remains a strategic and relevant response to the challenges and growing trade opportunities of developing countries.”

Mary Barrett, Assistant Principal, Multilateral Section, Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2018

“Indonesia is all about islands, shipping and ports. With 17,000 islands it couldn’t be otherwise. Better ports – and better run ports – are central to this country’s development. Indonesia’s government knows this well. Improving the maritime sector is the country’s highest priority right now. UNCTAD’s port management project could not have come at a better time; the right assistance, the right time, the right place.”

H.E. Kyle O’Sullivan, Irish Ambassador to Indonesia, 2018

“The UNCTAD Port Management Programme has created a really positive partnership between the Philippines and Ireland, providing a platform where experience, skills and best practice can be shared and exchanged. It has created an invaluable network of professional contacts and, more importantly perhaps, lasting friendships that can span continents. Long may it continue!”

H.E. Geoffrey Keating, Irish Ambassador to the Philippines, 2018

Nigeria “Vice President Kemi Osinbajo in May this year signed an executive order to improve Nigeria’s ranking in the global Ease of Doing Business Index. The order included a focus on airports and seaports. Last year I visited Lagos port for a briefing on the challenges and opportunities that management face. The UNCTAD Port Management Programme was presented as an important part of the capacity building strategy.”

H.E. Seán Hoy, Irish Ambassador to Nigeria, 2018

“I first travelled to Ghana in 2010 as part of a review team to assess Ireland’s support for the UNCTAD port programme. At the time, we recommended further funding. Now seven years later as Ambassador of Ireland to Ghana, I realise the ongoing importance of the programme in helping build Ghana’s trade capacity.”

H.E. Seán Hoy, Irish Ambassador to Ghana, 2018

Mukhisa Kituyi, UNCTAD secretary-General “A port can only be as efficient as the people that work in it”

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, UNCTAD Secretary-General, 2016


TrainForTrade Workshop : Training of trainers Port Certificate – Nantes, France
Gabon “Ce programme est de plus en plus intéressant dans la mesure où il est entré dans la phase de contribution à travers les interventions des experts des port membres dont les contributions, les apports, les analyses permettent de poser les problèmatiques des ports en général et d’esquisser des solutions”

Godwin Alini, le Directeur des ressources humaines du Port de Libreville,Gabon (OPRAG), 10-20 juin 2014

Senegal “Je retiens cette volonté de la CNUCED et de ces partenaires comme le Port de Nantes Saint-Nazaire, de nous donner à nous cadre des ports, les connaissances et les compétences pour rendre nos ports plus modernes et plus performants.”

Commandant Gaye Serigne, Port Autonome de Dakar (Sénégal), 2014

TrainForTrade Workshop : Ecommerce for Practitionners – Dakar, Senegal (12-14 may 2014)
CI “Je suis très heureux d’avoir suivi avec succès tous les modules de formation en ligne et je regrette de n’avoir pas pu prendre part au séminaire de Dakar. Mais je demeure particulièrement reconnaissant à “Trainfortrade-CNUCED” de m’avoir offert cette opportunité inestimable de comprendre les enjeux du e-commerce. En effet, mon collègue Kacou Jean et moi en collaboration avec Mme KOUAKOU Aramatou travaillons activement en ce moment sur le projet de préparation du salon régional du e-commerce à Abidjan. C’est pourquoi je voudrais souhaiter être informé d’autres occasions de formation de ce genre afin de permettre à la Poste de Côte d’Ivoire (LA POSTE-CI) de tirer tous les avantages possibles de l’évolution des TIC et de leur impact sur la dynamique des besoins des consommateurs. “

Amadou BAMBA, le Directeur des Produits Financiers/LA POSTE-CI

TrainForTrade Workshop for Technical Tutors – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (8-11 June 2010)
Maldives “This a very interesting program. It would be better if you conduct this training for certain region and invite participants of that region. Anyway this program will benefit our country very much from the knowledge we gained. It will be very easy for us to conduct distance learning program in the field of port management or other. We have learned enough to conduct a training program between the remote locations of the Maldives.”

Mohamed Hashim Director Maldives Ports Limited Rep. of Maldives

Ghana “The TrainForTrade program is a very good training activity. I have benefited substantially from the exposure. Obviously my skills in “IT” and general knowledge in Modern Port Management have improved. My gratitude to UNCTAD for organising this kind of training.”

Mr. Romeo T. Bortey Training Manager GPHA, Takoradi Ghana

Tanzania “The program is excellent and relevant to the developing nations. The participation of candidates from Maldives, Indonesia and Ghana enabled me to network and create an environment for future South-South interactions. Coming from an IT background, the use of an open-source platform (Moodle) for delivering this course has encouraged me to think and act in advising my CEO in adopting this platform since Tanzania ports has its own institution college (Bandari college) to train port and employees. UNCTAD’s support in conducting this course is very much appreciated and I will put what I have learned in practice.”

Mr. Daniel J. NDORI Tanzania Port Authority Tanzania

Indonesia “This training is so important for us. We can discuss and share information with other participants from different ports and countries. I hope that this training will be implemented in our port wall.”


TrainForTrade Training of Trainers Workshop – Cork, Ireland (5-15 May 2015)
Philippines “On behalf of my colleagues and fellow Trainers in Modern Port Management, from Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, I would like to thank the Honorable Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General of UNCTAD for making available to us the 8 Wonders of Modern Port Management. To Mr. Sean Sherlock TD, Minister of State for Development, Trade Promotion & North-South Cooperation Program of Ireland, we are grateful for the benevolence of Irish Aid. To Mark and his staff, the job is not finished but thank you nevertheless. To the fine gentlemen and women of the Port of Cork Company, with the support of Dublin Port Company, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, and the UCC, thank you for sharing the DNA of your ports, your expertise and most of all your inspiring thoughts. Against the vastness and overwhelming complexity that characterize most advanced port systems in Europe and elsewhere, the simplicity and goodwill that we found in this part of the world is far beyond compare. As we embark on building centers of knowledge and excellence in our respective ports and networks, we remain confident that you will all continue to be with us to support us. Thank you.”

Hector E. MIOLE, Assistant General Manager for Special Projects
Philippine Ports Authority