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This is a demonstration of the UNCTAD’s TrainForTrade Programme Distance Learning Platform. It contains a multi-lingual sampler of some of our existing courses. To access the files, simply click on the active links.

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User Guide on how to use the platform (Epub for tablets and smart phone : tft Help file 2015)


This is a sample of the course that is available on the platform without the interaction. In this course the expert has been recorded in the United Nations Studio in Geneva. The full course is 5 weeks with Chat/Fora sessions and Evaluations for each of the 8 modules. In this example, participants study the course material and watch the online videos individually. The chat session (which is scheduled once a week) would be done in a group setup, one group participating from a training room in Kenya and another from a training room in Rwanda. Local tutors, trained by the TrainForTrade team in a regional Training of Technical Tutors workshop, manage the chat session. The Instructor of the course interacts with the two groups via the chatroom on the platform at the same time. TrainForTrade staff also connect to the chat to provide technical support.
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Port Training Programme

A programme for strengthening training capacities and developing human resources of port communities

Begun in 1998 for French-speaking port communities in Africa, the Port Training Programme has supported port communities of developing countries in their quest to foster economic development by providing efficient and competitive services to facilitate trade. The port training programme consists of instruction over a two-year period. The course content is adapted to local conditions, and the final thesis is meant to identify challenges within the participants’ respective ports and propose concrete management solutions. More on the project >>>

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