Port Training Example

Port Training Programme (example)

A programme for strengthening training capacities and developing human resources of port communities

Brochure Port Training Programme (2014)


Module 2: The Organization of a Port System

This module is divided in two sub-modules with specific objectives.

bulleSub-module 2a: The role of a port

ico_objpedago_en At the end of this sub-module, participants will be able to:

bulleDescribe the principal infrastructures, superstructures and harbour and port equipment and to know their purposes in the several types of ports
bulleExplain the need for a constant search to maintain the balance between these facilities and the vessels and goods that use them
bulleSpecify the objectives, mission and role of ports
bulleSpecify the three generations of ports and compare their evolution
bulleDefine the factors involved in making up the port transiting cost
bulleDefine the role and the responsibilities of the principal parties engaged in the transiting port traffic in order to understand their behaviour and help them in optimising the transport chain.

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This is an example of one of the presentation for a section of the Module 2:

PTP English Module 2A Section 1 Physical Description of a Port