TrainForTrade Project

TrainForTrade manages mid and long term projects (2 to 6 years), as well as networks in the context of technical assistance where

List of main projects:

Each project represents between 500.000 and 4 millions USD.

  • TrainForTrade project in South-East Asia (2018 – 2020)
  • TrainForTrade project on Statistics (2015 – Present)
  • The TrainForTrade Project in West Africa overall goal is to Accelerate progress in West-African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Togo) towards the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, particularly MDG 8, in the area of electronic commerce (2013-2015).
  • Latin America – Trade related issues (2006 – now) funded by Spain
  • Growing Sustainable Business in Angola (2013)
  • Angola – Trade related issues (2007 – 2011) funded by the European Commission.
  • Cambodia & Lao PDR – Trade related issues (regional project 2003-2011) funded by France
  • Guinea – Trade related issues (2008-2011) funded by the French Development Agency (AFD)
  • Benin – Tourism (2008-2009) funded by the Integrated framework
  • Distance learning – Trade related issues (worldwide project 2003-2007) financed by Belgium
  • Benin, Burkina-Faso, Mali – Trade related issues (2000 – 2003) financed by France


  • Port Management Programme (from 1998 – now) funded by Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and the beneficiary countries from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean.
    • French Networks over 2.5 millon USD
    • English Network over 1.5 million USD
    • Portuguese Network over 500.000 USD
    • Spanish Network over 1 million USD 

Special actions and support by donors:

One shot activities smaller contribution made by different entities have been valuable for the programme.

  • Greece financed Training of Trainers in the field (2009 and 2010) in the framework of the port training programme.
  • Portugal contribute to the development of CPLP activities, in particular the development of Port Training Programme in Portuguese, an international conference on Tourism in Lisbon and to work on the Angola project.
  • Spain region Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Associate Experts from Belgium (4), France (2), Germany (1), The Netherlands (1) and Norway (1).
  • Seconded expert from: France (2)
  • Interns from: United States of America, Bolivia, Brazil, Djibouti, Ethiopia, France,Germany, Italia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal
  • United Nations Volunteer based in Cambodia
  • France financed the international conference on Tourism in Caen, France
  • French regions Provence-Alpe-Côte-d’Azur, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes and Normandie finances activites in sustainable tourism and port training programme.

UNCTAD Toolbox:

UNCTAD  TrainForTrade Toolbox
(Section on Human Resource Development/TrainForTrade)