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Evaluation is a very important element of TrainForTrade. Evaluation activities are carried out during training activities and after them (up to 6 months later) in order to verify the level of implementation of the skills and knowledge acquired.

An evaluation is also carried out at the end of each technical assistance project. An UNCTAD or external team assesses the efficacy, efficiency, relevance, impact and sustainability of activities carried out over the project cycle.

Evaluations from:

2011 – UNCTAD’s E-Commerce and Law Reform Project

The objective of the E-Commerce and Law Reform Project project is to support decision-makers and lawmakers of beneficiary countries in mastering the complexities of the legal aspects of ICT, and in preparing harmonized legaland regulatory frameworks that facilitate the conduct of domestic and international trade and the development of e-government services.

Since 2006, the contribution from the Government of Finland has made it possible for Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the East African Community Member States to fully benefit from the services delivered by the Project.

The mix of legal advice and training, backed by awareness-raising and institutional capacity-building, builds the confidence and commitment of the Project partners to achieve compliance with international ICT standards as part of their efforts towards graduation from

LDC status. Ownership by the Project’s partners, especially where there is knowledge of the legal issues at stake in ICT for development, is instrumental in keeping up the momentum for cyber law reform. More >>> Evaluation ICT law Report


2007An independent evaluation of the four-year TrainForTrade project for Cambodia and Laos  funded by France praised the results both in terms of its relevance and impact for the development of these countries (UNCTAD: RAS/OT/2CK French Ministry of Foreign Affairs FSP 2002-95) . The evaluation report suggested that UNCTAD considers the extension of the TrainForTrade approach to other developing countries, in the framework of national or regional programmes of technical assistance (summary).

2004“Capacity building programme on training in selected international economic issues: Distance learning techniques”  Financed by the Government of Belgium Implemented by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – UNCTAD
Summary of the evaluation report prepared by Alain Caristan (Independent consultant) Paris, 17 November 2004.

2002TRAINFORTRADE Project for strengthening training capacities in international trade in Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali  (UNCTAD: RAF 99/A09 French Ministry of Foreign Affairs FSP 99009400)
Summary of the evaluation report prepared by Dominique Malsch (Consultant) Lyon, 20 February 2003.