TrainForTrade Topics

Which Areas do we cover?

  • Port Management Programme
    1. Modern Port Management
    2. Port Performance Indicators
  • Electronic Commerce
    1. Legal Aspect of Electronic Commerce
    2. Electronic Commerce for Practitioners
  • Trade Statistics
    1. International trade in services statistics (SITS)
    2. Merchandise Trade Statistics (MTS)
    3. Foreign Direct Investment Statistics (FDI)
  • Sustainable Tourism
    1. Sustainable Tourism For Development
    2. Sustainable tourism Project Planning
  • Competition Law and Policy
    1. The Formulation of Competition Law and Policy
    2. Consumer Protection
  • Productive  Capacities, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
  • International Procedures for Trade Financing
  • Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development
  • Investment Promotion

Pedagogical methodology:

  1. Training of Technical Tutors for Distance Learning Courses
  2. Training of trainers
  3. Coaching