Strengthening knowledge and skills through innovative approaches for sustainable economic development


  • Build sustainable networks of knowledge to promote transparency and good practices
  • Encourage development-oriented trade policy to reduce poverty
  • Promote ICT solutions and innovative thinking to enhance capacities of international trade players


Nairobi Maafikiano Mandate (2016)

  • Parahraph 55(z): Continue capacity-building activities, including Train for Trade, as reflected in paragraph 56 (r) of the Doha Mandate; (td519add2_en)

Doha Mandate and Doha Manar (2012)

  • Paragraph 17: “Reaffirms and builds upon the Accra Accord, which remain valid and relevant”
  • Paragraph 18(a): “Continue to play its role in the evolution of a stronger global concensus on issues within its mandate…”
  • Paragraph 56 (r): “Continue capacity-building activities including TrainForTrade and in the framework of paragraph 166 of the Bangkok Plan of Action” (TD/500/Add.1).

Accra Accord (2008)

  • Paragraph 162: “UNCTAD should enhance its assistance in cross-divisional capacity-building programmes, including training for policymakers on the integrated treatment of the trade, investment, finance, technology and development issues, which must ensure wide and inclusive participation of developing countries … and foster training and capacity-building aimed at trade practitioners in order to assist member countries in developing a sustainable local capacity in trade, investment and development issues through TrainForTrade. UNCTAD should also continue to uses these programmes to strengthen the synergies between its research and capacity-building activities.” (UNCTAD/IAOS/2008/2).

UN SDGTFT and Sustainable Development Goals:

The focus will be on SDG 8: SDG8“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all” and SDG 17:SDG17 “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”, in particular with the targets to enhance North-South, South-South and triangular regional and international cooperation on access to science, technology and innovation and enhance knowledge sharing.