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TFT E-commerce and Best Practices for East-Asia states

1-7 April, TrainForTrade eLearining course on E-commerce and Best Practices for East-Asia states.  The first module of the distance learning course will be delivered through the TrainForTrade’s distance learning platform. More than 200 participants from 8 countries are taking part in the course. This Project is funded by Development Account 11.

The Former Director of Dublin Port Company visited TrainForTrade Team


Under the framework of the Cycle 4 of the Final Dissertations in Indonesia and the Coaching Workshop on 13-16 November organized in Medan (Indonesia) by UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Management Programme (PMP) English-Speaking Network and PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero), the Former Director of the Dublin Port Company, Mr. John Moore, came to Geneva and discussed the elaboration of the digital materials of the course.

Philippine Trade Representative briefed on UNCTAD’s e-commerce project in South-East Asia

Under the framework of e-Trade for All and the TrainForTrade Project on  Leapfrogging skills development in e-commerce in South-East Asia, Ms. Nora K. Terrado, Undersecretary of Trade and Investments Promotion Group, Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, came to Geneva and discussed cooperation with Ms. Shamika Sirimanne, Director, Division on Technology and Logistics, on the way forward on this project. The next activity is the e-Learning course on e-Commerce Best Practices which will be followed by a regional workshop organized in the Philippines. Joining Ms. Terrado were delegates from the Philippine Mission to the WTO, Ms. Ella Burgos and Ms. Maggie Uy.  A meeting was also organized with Ms. Genevieve Feraud, Head of the Knowledge Development Branch, Ms. Cecile Barayre and Ms. Martine Julsaint Kidane from the ICT Analysis Section, Mr. Mark Assaf, Chief of the Human Resources Development Section/TrainForTrade and Dominique Chantrel, Programme Manager of the TrainForTrade Programme.

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Developing A Curriculum (DACUM) sessions on Digital Identity


A DACUM session on Digital Identity will be organized from 18 to 19 September in UNCTAD’s HQ. The purpose of this phase from the TrainForTrade methodology, called Design a Curriculum (DACUM) is to brainstorm with experts in the subject matter (World Bank, World Economic Forum, the Republic of Estonia, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP, Access Now, University of Lausanne)  in order to define the objectives and content of job aids to be developed, to write training objectives, to define target population, to describe what the trainees will be able to do as a result of training and to design tests for each objective and finally to sequence training objectives and group them into training modules to form the curriculum.

The next steps will consist in the drafting and validating the training package for a delivery in the ASEAN in 2019.

This activity is anchored into a broader Development Account Project, titled “Leapfrogging skills development in e-commerce in South-East Asia in the Framework of the 2030 Development Agenda”. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen capacities of policymakers of beneficiary countries, namely Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore, on e-commerce in two main areas:

  • Practical aspects of e-commerce, and
  • Digital Identity.

Partners in this project also include UNESCAP and UNCITRAL.

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